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Some people ship Destiel or Samifer, I keep it to just Dean and I :)

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lights go out and i can't be saved: Jensen's VIP

And now I am all up in my feelings that Jensen actually KNOWS the hate that people can sling at his wife and how much it hurts him :(


So for starters, if you were not there you can’t know the setup. Usually there is an area behind the stage for the VIP. Not here. So they had to shove 2 very large black curtains up on each side of the stage. On Jared’s side was the sound guy. On Jensen’s side was the…

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Maybe I’m looking at this whole brouhaha from the vantage point of my  age   experience of years. Ever since I started watching Supernatural and fangirling over J2 (yes people over 40 fangirl too) I’ve followed tidbits about both Jensen and Jared and future projects.    I remember someone asked him about 50 Shades of Grey at a ‘con and he looked really really put out and made a comment about not being interested in it at all due to the subject content (BDSM, M/s , alt lifestyle).    Asking a man who has made it clear he would not audition or take the role of Christian Grey because of the very subject matter his thoughts on his character’s relationship, obviously outside of platonic, with another character of the same gender is going to disappoint the question asker. 

Frankly, I’m saddened that people would make more out of all of this than it was intended. I got a chance to read the blog of a teenage queer girl and her whole monologue about feeling unsafe around Jensen Ackles.  

Considering the sheer amount of wincest, destiel, whatever else type of shipping both tame and frankly nausea inducing, that is floating out and around the internet, to turn around and act like the person who is the target of a mind boggling amount of sexual frustration is the one who is terrorizing people is absurd.  

If you are going to live your life expecting your heroes to be comfortable with your choices and your expectations of them, you’re in for a very rude awakening.  To turn it all around and start heterobashing another person who doesn’t hold with your expectations of them is just as bad as homophobia.   


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